The aim of Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency program would be to educate you on how to utilise social media to produce cash online

If you’re looking with an unbiased overview of Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency program, then this actually is the actual spot for you.

The aim regarding Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency program is to educate a person on how to utilise social media to create money on-line and begin a new business together with it.

But can you truly turn it into a $1,000-$10,000/month business? And Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Bonus Also is it actually definitely worth the money? read on to find out…

Product reviews Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Review – Could The idea Be worth The Money?

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Review – Could That Be Well worth The Money? Stephanie January 23, 2017 Item Reviews, Recommended, Social Media two Comments


If you are searching with an unbiased overview of Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency program, then this actually is the location for you.

The aim regarding Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency program would end up being to educate an individual on how anyone can utilise social media to create funds on-line and start the enterprise using it.

But is it achievable to truly transform it in for you to a $1,000-$10,000/month business? As Well As is it really definitely worth the money? read on to find out…

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Review

Name: Social Media Marketing As Well As Advertising Agency

Price: Early bird – $697 on 1 occasion fee; then will boost in order to $997

Owner: Tai Lopez

Rating: 8/10

Launch date: 23rd Jan 2017 12:01 am PST

Promo period: 23rd Jan 12:01 am PST in order to 29th Jan 23:59 pm PST (Early bird access $697 + 3 particular bonuses)

Interested? Watch the particular FREE video now to locate out a small more about how a person can get started

WHAT IS Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency?

Social Media Marketing As Well As Advertising Agency through Tai Lopez is a plan that functions well in the actual direction of coaching it’s members how to be social media experts and find smaller businesses that will pay to manage his or her social media.

It’s the 4-month plan which aims to walk a person via the method of having the first client, step-by-step, inside 120 days.

How It Works:

START: Form a online marketing and advertising agency within 30 days

CLOSE: convince small business owners to become able to spend you, even though you are new

SCALE: Outsource and also automate your current marketing agency, so you could have much more freedom


Tai Lopez will be one of the extremely best social media influencers that may be effectively earning profits on the particular internet using social media. Merely take a look at his social media followers and an individual also can inform proper away he definitely features a presence and influence in the social media space. Tai’s existing social stats are:

Twitter: 363K Followers

Instagram: 1.4 Million Followers

Youtube: 790k Subscribers

Facebook: One Million page Likes

I personally believe that Tai Lopez is qualified to become able to teach others how to use social media to create funds with regard to themselves, as he’s been doing it and it is nonetheless doing it extremely successfully.

Is Tai Lopez is a scam artist?

Many people have inquired this and different people have their own opinions. I personally feel that there are several things he can which may seem misleading.

Tai’s videos work nicely because he's “selling the particular dream”. Your items we have seen within the videos such because the costly Lamborghinis and the luxury homes are usually part of that dream of monetary freedom. This particular is precisely what will get his videos a great deal attention, as well as obviously he understands this, thus he is constantly about the “sell your dream”.

I don’t see anything incorrect using sharing your successes with the world, such any lengthy time as Tai, yet others such as him, are now being honest in what they’ve got.

You’ll notice multiple videos and also posts that mention Tai rents out individuals luxury properties as well as the pricey cars, along with it’s this lack of transparency in which I believe generally seems to give individuals your impression which he is a scam artist.

I may understand this, and I cannot agree together with everything he does. but I can agree this guy is truly a successful influencer and has utilized social media to his advantage being in a new position to create cash on the web and have a lifestyle that’s much more financially free.

Tai continues to become able to be featured in a number of on-line articles within It is extremely unlikely that they would feature him upon their particular sites, alongside other entrepreneurs, if he actually was a scam artist.

You can verify out a few of those content Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Bonuses articles created regarding Tai Lopez below:

“How three Social Superstars Built Massive Followings Fast”

“The Leading 9 Social Media Strategists in order to Watch throughout 2017” (Tai Lopez will be detailed as quantity 1)

“How Tai Lopez Took More Than Social Media”

These content articles alone show simply how much influence he has inside social media, therefore it is sensible being capable of believe in his training along with lessons within this field.

My thoughts on Tai Lopez:

Personally, I feel his training/videos are usually very motivating. I’ve lately started spending awareness of his content, since listening to his Social Media Advertising Agency program, also it features provided me one more drive for you to function harder towards my web business goals.

I definitely believe that is some thing many people want in their life. Somebody who makes them really feel motivated and ensures they are want to have up as well as do some thing using their life.

In the end, Tai Lopez’s coaching and videos won't end up being pertaining to everyone.


The major focus associated with Tai’s coaching is to educate an individual on how to:

Get a $1000/month client

Automate the social media marketing

Set up multiple kinds of pricing packages

Get your very best equipment to use (e.g. phone, cameras, etc)

Make any company interested inside your service

Brand your self (be a storyteller)

You’ll furthermore learn:

The proper and best ways to utilize totally free videos to assist just about any little company develop a new extremely engaged audience of followers upon social media

How to select a name to your company, domain and hang up sites with regard to obtaining clients

Set up marketing funnels therefore the small companies could collect leads as well as monetise all of them more than time

How to talk to company owners

Using quizzes to draw in new leads

Setting up a new social media revenue funnel

Creating social media content material folks really feel they must like and also share


Month 1: Picking any Niche

Month 2: Mastering Social Media

Month 3: Understanding how To Acquire High-Value Customers

Month 4: How An Individual Can Support Your Clients along with Manage Your Own Agency

should you obtain tai lopez's social media marketing and advertising agency program


Early Bird Value – $697 (this early bird supply runs coming from launch date until 29th Jan 2017 23:59 pm PST)

Regular Cost – $997 (after your early bird promotion the plan will go again for you to its regular price.)

All payments are usually one-time fees, using the choice to pay within 4 monthly instalments regarding $299


This plan works for people who are:

Interested to learn social media marketing and also promoting these skills

Wanting to begin out any genuine business

Able for you to spend the particular money for $697 or perhaps $997 value plans

Willing in order to work hard, and never searching to obtain a “get rich quick” scheme

Determined to add value with their customers and also assist other people throughout need.


This plan will not suit a person if you:

Cannot afford the price

There’s absolutely no need to spend this sum regarding money if you actually don’t get it. An Individual can nonetheless understand Social Media Advertising via online studying web sites like Udemy as well as Skillshare. The idea could require lengthier for you to master social media, however, these websites will always be more affordable.

If a person don’t just like social media

Although I feel you could start mastering social media if you are seeking to do enterprise online…I don’t think this program will suit an individual should you actually don’t like social media. However I would encourage an individual to get concerned along with social media to your enterprise as that is exactly where the circumstance is progressing these days.

People who are truly introverted and don’t like the concept of selling by themselves door-to-door

It’s crucial to understand that will you’ll get to become good at promoting in order to produce this actually work regarding you, or at least be prepared to find out the approach to offer yourself. Consequently should you haven’t done revenue before, it could be very challenging. When you’re up for your challenge, that is good. However if you’re someone who’s quite introverted, or anyone don’t like getting heavily involved in sales, then this program may not actually work pertaining to you.

Not any fan regarding Tai Lopez

Not every person who’s encounter Tai Lopez and his awesome content is going to be a fan. So, if that is you, then I don’t really feel you will benefit from his program. When you’re not really a fan of his totally free content, then I can’t imagine you’ll like his paid content significantly either. Nevertheless ultimately, that is up to anyone personally for you to decide.


There’s a separate assistance team within the program where you can ask questions and get help with virtually any issues you may have. A Person either can contact as well as email the particular assistance team.

Currently, it doesn’t appear as if there’s any Facebook team or even forum design community within the actual plan to have got interaction along with some other members, but I feel there will probably be 1 inside the near future.


Training From The Real Social Media Influencer

As mentioned above, Tai is unquestionably certainly 1 of the extremely best social media influencers. Therefore, you’ll always be getting training coming from somebody that truly is aware of your nuances of social media, and also how to transform it in to always be able to a business/money generating method.

Early Bird Offer.

Tai’s plan features a young bird offer. So, should you tend to be interested in this program, you have the particular chance to get it with a reduced cost ($697) through the promotional period.

Free Video Regarding how To get Started.

There is truly a Free Involving Charge video about the revenue web page through Tai which shares any bit about the way to get started. Thus if you’d like to find out a lot more about the program you'll become in a new position to watch the actual video free here.

You Don’t need To Resell Your Plan So As To Create Money

A great deal of online applications these days require one to resell exactly the particular same program so as to actually earn money together with it. but with Tai’s program, it actually shows you how you may make cash on your own own, utilizing his training, to aid anyone set up a genuine business.

Solves a major problem for Little Businesses

The aim powering this training plan would always be to offer you the skills to aid small enterprise solve a new genuine main problem. Numerous local/small company don’t have a social media strategy, email marketing strategy or even a website. so your present skills/the skills you'll discover can within fact help them, and organizations tend to be prepared to spend for people like you to do that.

You Don’t Actually Need any Official Qualifications to offer your Services

Social media will be nevertheless considered a new thing, so you will not actually discover many university degrees or even higher education programs which offer in-depth social media marketing and also advertising training. Thus you don’t need to get any kind of certified proof to be in the situation to supply your current services. Since extended while you can supply worth and also examples associated with the means you can help these businesses, you’re most likely to obtain 1 or even more clients.

You Could get A Client Pertaining To “Life”

If you really help transform the advertising of the single tiny business, they could ultimately be considered a long-term client and will continue to use an individual for their particular marketing and also advertising needs. This kind of could mean a normal extra income, or even full-time income, just from one client.

120-Day Funds back Guarantee

Most programs offer a 30 or even 60-day cash back guarantee, but using this program, Tai will be truly providing a new 120-day money back guarantee.

Includes 3 special Bonuses (only available for early bird buyers): the bonuses are:

1 FREE ticket to always be able to virtually any Tai Lopez’s stay events

Access to end up being able to certainly one of his latest programs

Your name and get throughout touch with info will possibly be added to a new website devoted to end up being able to social media experts which are already trained through this program


No FREE trial

Unfortunately, this program does not provide a free trial, thus you are not able to test the particular program out prior to determining to buy. However, they actually do supply any 120-day money-back guarantee. Also, if you are knowledgeable about Tai Lopez’s youtube videos, you are generally in any position to probably receive an notion of the style regarding content you will receive inside his on-line programs.

Some Extra Costs

It appears that you will find additional expenses involved with this program, in which usually are generally not talked about whatsoever before you choose to indicator up. A Few in the further costs include:

– Approximately $500 as well as thus for you to register your organization officially. However, it appears this is the actual expense in the big event you elect to undergo the business that Tai recommends. Consequently it’s possible you might get it cheaper if you must do your quest in order for you to find other companies.

– $170 in order to develop a website. That appears they will encourage you for you to definitely use Squarespace for that website builder along with GoDaddy for the domain & hosting packages. Within my experience, GoDaddy is pricier when compared with various other providers, along with I personally only recommend GoDaddy pertaining to registering a domain. And I Also would recommend buying a hosting strategy using Namecheap.

– Purchasing a logo, company cards, other subscriptions (e.g. Squarespace) etc

Adding each 1 involving these expenses together definitely constitutes a distinction to the first price point of $697 (or $997, depending about when you purchase). so hopefully knowing concerning these expenses will provide a person with far better insight in to whether you’d nevertheless like to buy this training program.

You will Be Offering yourself

For some this won’t be considered a negative, but when you’re not necessarily at ease with revenue then an individual definitely may find it challenging to obtain by means of this program. Such As I pointed out before, you must get promoting skills, or a minimal of be open to mastering the right abilities to promote oneself to small businesses. so you need being confident or perhaps comfortable with selling oneself along using your services.


I’m an energetic member of Wealthy Affiliate as well as I personally prefer to recommend this plan since it provides you having a training platform that permits you to understand how to earn money on the actual internet through Affiliate Marketing. This provides anyone with access to the correct resources and coaching to assist you obtain started.

Wealthy Affiliate supplies a different service to be able to Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency, yet I wished to discuss it here since I consider it’s an application which will benefit many people seeking to create an earnings online. affiliate Marketing provides you with the opportunity to make a real full-time as well as part-time earnings online, and you may nonetheless incorporate social media marketing, without having to become able to sell it. you can easily concentrate on stuff you enjoy, along with Wealthy Affiliate assists a person achieve that.

Take a examine my comparison table below:

Based about the comparison table you could be wondering why I’ve given Tai’s plan any ranking regarding eight out of 10. Tai’s program offers various coaching to always be able to Wealthy Affiliate and in addition the goals tend to be very different too. Tai’s program is exclusively centered on creating a business around social media along with acquiring customers on the net and offline. Overall, it offers lots worthwhile as well as training for in which business model.

However, Wealthy Affiliate is centered more about affiliate Marketing and also turning in which in in order to a company online.

So, if you are searching with an alternative for you to Tai’s plan then I’d definitely recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate (in-depth review here)

Here are a couple of involving the main differences between Social Media Advertising Agency along with Wealthy Affiliate:

FREE Starter Membership. An Individual have the chance to use out the program regarding free.

The Enterprise Model is actually Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Online as opposed to social media advertising (although it will contain training on this).

You’re Taught How in order to Set up a new WordPress web site and also Monetise it from a reasonable price. The Particular premium membership associated with Wealthy Affiliate includes top class hosting along with features, and an individual also may host as significantly as 50 websites.

Overall the actual program is actually more Affordable. The idea has a month-to-month cost is $49, and also you obtain regular updated coaching which you can use for many years along with years, with many new along with impressive rolling out soon.

There’s a Large On-line Community. Together With this community, you will get plenty of support from other members, and also you can easily contact the actual those that own the actual plan directly.

You could Utilize your Coaching for you to Multiple Passions and also Niches.


If a person join me at Wealthy Affiliate, as a unique bonus you’ll acquire a premium month for less than $19. That Is more than 59% discount. It’s an excellent way to truly test out your premium membership as well as check if Wealthy Affiliate is produced for you.

However, an individual can always get started with the FREE membership first.


If you’re searching to have got an online business coaching program, you could well be questioning if Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency will become the greatest on-line plan for you. Well, I feel it offers the proper working out for this social media enterprise model. I believe Tai Lopez’s plan will offer an individual with the essential resources and also resources to become able to contact prospective clients and begin the agency business.

Essentially, this is a selection you will require to be able to make regarding yourself, and also I hope I’ve been able to provide you with your opportunity to make an informed decision with this particular review.

Is Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency plan definitely really worth the money? YES!, if you’re thinking about turning social media skills into a business, but simply understand that there will be a few further expenses concerned that might be quite pricey depending in your budget.

If you’re not necessarily keen upon social media as well as utilizing it as a means to make money…or Tai Lopez, then No, this program won't end up being really worth your own money.

So essentially it depends on what you are looking for when it arrives to starting an internet business. I feel this plan will definitely work with regard to several people, and then for others, it’s just not necessarily what you are looking for.

Overall, if you could fully utilize the education and also function tough with this program, I think you might create your money back, as well as a lot more, as well as acquire important skill sets in order to truly do well within this business.